Africa’s remarkable economic growth during the past decade was based on sustainable drivers of performance, including a transformation in leadership, abundant natural resources and the emergence of a service based economy.

Opportunities to profit exist in infrastructure and robust demand for consumer goods and services from a growing middle class. Challenges to investing in Africa remain, but investors who can overcome the challenges will find superior investment prospects.

From The CEO

The future of a better life

Our vision: return African American capital to Mother Africa to mature along with the most growth-oriented continent on the planet today.

We believe that we can bring the African countries to the forefront of investment in education, health care, infrastructure and opportunity for small-to-mid-sized enterprises, beginning with our headquarters in Côte d’Ivoire.

Our message to a modern African and American diaspora wishing to save and invest with us: “Up you might nation. You can accomplish what you will.

The MANY platform will link nascent corpora- tions on the Continent to the above-stated clients according to agreed-upon levels of exposure to risk and appetite for returns. Most of all, however; MANY will not be ashamed to

MANY will be a ground-breaking oppor- tunities to investors and their consortia to build the rst city designed, engineered and developed entirely by Africans and the Diaspora-Brownville.
This initiative will serve as a magnet for a myriad of investors interested in buying a time-share property, luxury suite, villa, con dominium or other type of residence that is both cosmopolitan and a ordable.

We hope you are ready to accompany us in our quest for reviving economic empowerment beginning with the African American community. As our name implies: Mother Africa Needs You.

We must still go further. Indeed, Africa’s growth is not generating enough exports. More education, and sector-speci c professional training is needed to improve African productivity and status as an emergent economic force. Tomorrow’s successful investors will buy shares of high-potential, small and mid-sized busi- nesses with the power to innovate and to obtain ‘rst-mover’ status in their nations.
Africa today now exceeds even the Asian continent in economic growth. By progressively applying the fundamentals of sustainable development it has built an unprecedented demographic dividend; improving worker productivity and increasing disposable income among the middle class.

Our Vision

To build a home in the Motherland.
We see Africa, the Mother Land, awakened from her sleep, welcoming from the US and developing her full potential, with SMEs in 54 nations prospering to meet the needs of the highly dynamic middle class.

Our Mission

We want to contribute to the sustainable development of the

African continent by:

  • Facilitating exchange between American investors and Africans.
  • Promoting an African American Rediscovery of the Continent.
  • Financing and advising African entrepreneurs willing to achieve environmental, social and economic well-being.
  • Initiating foundations in the 54 African countries, beginning with education and healthcare.

Our Goal

During the next five years MANY will generate 10 billion dollars to invest in African SMEs from a pool of 1000 African American investors in Secured Certi cates of Deposit.

Our Objectives 

  • We will build a city in each of the 54 countries in Africa, for the return of African Americans to our roots and we will start with Brownville, Ivory Coast.
  • Development will begin in Africa, south of the Sahara focusing on Ivory Coast and the West African coast, then Central Africa.
  • Investment initiatives will target companies with solid con- cepts that are ready to scale; Also startups with high potential.
  • Companies will be involved in various sectors, including agriculture, food and nutrition, information and communication technologies, services, academic and industrial.
  • At least 600 projects will be carried out, and more than 60,000 young men and women in schools and hospitals.
We believe with the right combination of purpose and commitment, Africa will overwhelmingly exceed expectations… 

Our Values 





Recreational sites abound: from the tropical beaches that litter the west coast of Africa to the Pyramids of Giza, to the Safaris of Arusha, Tanzania there is an African destination for every soul. Organized for two or for twenty—from half-day excursions to multi-day, active adventures: the sights, shopping and stories you encounter will reflect a vibrant environment and the traditions of our people.

More Projects 

Beginning with our headquarters in Cote d’Ivoire, MANY will partner with local small-to-midsized businesses, to provide construction, education, food processing, clothing manufacturing.
Healthcare, infrastructure, mining, services …